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About us

GDM Assets is a construction and real estate development company, founded in March 2018, with the purpose of constructing and managing private and public projects & real estate. The vast experience of our executives and the thought-out structure of the company with its multifaceted know-how, makes it capable of undertaking the handling of a project from the early stage of planning to its final completion.

Our values

We build relationships before we start building walls. We offer uniqueness and customisation paired with ahead-of-the-curve industry proposals and suggestions. Respecting our long-lasting construction heritage, we feel an obligation towards the next generation in delivering sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. We build with trustworthiness, we develop with respect, we sustain for the future.

Awards & Certifications

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 45001:2018

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 50001



We offer inventive and practical solutions for any construction or engineering challenge. Our portfolio includes a plethora of high-profile private and public sector projects. As an after-delivery service, we also offer facility management.

Real Estate development

We provide vertically-integrated development and construction management to a variety of real estate projects with sustainable and innovative solutions. Facility management is an additional core aspect of our real estate services.

renewable energy

We are avid supporters of the green energy future. We cover a wide range of renewable energy applications, from domestic net metering p/v applications to utility-scale wind energy plants and small hydropower stations. Beyond construction, we provide licensing and permitting services.

our projects

Private or public, small or large, we are proud of every single project we have under our belt.

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