GDM Assets actively supports the mission of Make-A-Wish

With a focus on humanity and a primary concern for establishing substantial social contribution, at GDM Assets, we have integrated into our strategic objectives the philosophy and principles of solidarity, participation, and respect towards our fellow individuals. Concurrently, we support the concept of social responsibility through our practical and continuous involvement in significant initiatives of non-profit volunteer organizations, which contribute to the enhancement of our fellow citizens’ daily lives.

In this context and driven by our particular sensitivity towards children and vulnerable groups of individuals, we have decided to actively and substantially support the purpose of Make A Wish.
Marking the commencement of our collaboration, we meaningfully and actively joined their team at the annual walk, celebrating the fulfillment of the first wish which served as the inspiration for the establishment of the organization 44 years ago.

To learn more about the organization’s activities, click here!

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