401 General Military Hospital of Athens (In Progress)

The 401 General Military Hospital of Athens is a military nursing institution of the Hellenic Army which was founded in 1904 and today is the largest Military Hospital and one of the largest Nursing Institutions in Greece.

GDM Assets has undertaken the energy upgrade of buildings 12 & 9I and the new wing of the hospital. The energy upgrade will be achieved in the following ways:

  • Replacement of the BMS (Building Management System) with the more advanced BEMS (Building Energy Management System)
  • Replacement of old frames with new energy frames
  • Installation of magnetic contacts for the automatic shutdown of the air conditioning units
  • Interventions in the external thermal insulation of buildings

The Building Management System (BMS) automatically controls and regulates various functions within the building from lighting and air conditioning to elevators and alarm systems. The Building Energy Management System (BEMS) works in a similar way, but with the main objective being the optimal energy efficiency of the building by continuously recording data related to energy consumption.

Magnetic contacts will be placed on the balcony doors and shutters of the building units in order to automatically stop the operation of the air conditioners inside the building when they are opened. This way, we manage to avoid having the windows and air conditioners open at the same time, aiming at both economic and environmental optimization.

Ministry of National Defense - General Army Headquarters
Athens, Greece