Maria Callas Academy of Lyric Art

GDM Assets undertook the restoration project of the historic and listed building on Patision Street, to become the home of the Maria Callas Academy of Lyric Art. The iconic structure, where Maria Callas spent her childhood years, is expected to revive and serve as a cultural asset for the city of Athens.

The Maria Callas Academy of Lyric Art, housed in this renovated building, will provide advanced music education at the university level, contributing to the promotion of lyric art in Greece and globally.

The interventions aim for full compliance with the most modern functional and construction standards while preserving the building’s remarkable architecture. Key elements of the project include:

  • Restoration of Facades and Roof:
    – Specialized restoration of external surfaces to maintain the architectural authority of the Jugendstil-influenced building.
    – Roof renewal to ensure durability and protection.
  • Reinforcement of Internal Structure:
    Comprehensive reinforcement and reconstruction of the internal structure, showing signs of wear from previous seismic activity and fire.
  • Unimpeded Access:
    Ensuring unimpeded access for individuals with reduced mobility through special mechanisms and elevators at necessary points.
  • Active and Passive Fire Protection:
    Meeting all the latest safety specifications, including fire protection, to ensure the highest level of building safety.
Athens Anaplasis S.A.
Athens, Greece