Nikaia Project (In Progress)

This new residential building is located at the junction of Maiandrou and Chaldaia streets in Nikaia, near Perivolaki square. It includes a basement, pilotis, four floor-apartments and a 5th and 6th floor two-story apartment, recessed, with roofs of exclusive use. The total area of built-up areas is 695.00m². The design of the building had as its main objective the production of quality living conditions, both in the interior spaces and in the outdoor expansions of all the houses, in a significantly densely built-up area.

The rational design of the floor plans, the maximum utilization of the available surfaces, the natural lighting of all spaces, the bioclimatic treatment of the openings as well as the particularly spacious balconies on all floors are defining characteristics of the approach. Bay windows, extended balconies as well as metal pergolas on open balconies and roofs are the main morphological elements. The aesthetics of the facades are intensified by the composition of different materials and colors in a set with a special architectural character.

At the construction level, high-quality materials and techniques have been selected, producing a modern, high-energy-efficient building, with RES systems integrated from the beginning into the building’s design. The building is located at a walking distance of nine minutes from the metro station of Nikaia.

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GDM Assets
Nikaia, Athens, Greece
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